PhotoGrid_1450231638492MARY MILLER WRITES: For quite a long while, the stylists at SALON EAST (8215 US Highway …301 N, just North of the Ellenton Outlet Mall, in Parrish, FL) have gently (and without any pressure, I might add) mentioned a “Brazilian Blow Out” treatment, that I could have them do.

The treatment would apparently, smooth out my very thick, bushy hair, and make it more manageable to style after washing, (thus, less time spent in “getting ready”) and would also, make my hair less susceptible to the heat and humidity “helping” convert my hair into a frizzy mess, in our Florida weather.

After a long time of not taking the time to consider this treatment, I decided to give it a whirl. Given that I had just 10 days before, had a haircut at Salon East, by Jen Prime, I just received the treatment from Luzma, another hair designer, without any further thinning, cut or trim.

The difference was remarkable. Many of my friends thought that I had received a completely new haircut! My hair looked so different and so much better. Smooth, smooth, smooth, and even though I’m of a “certain age” now, I, for the last two weeks since this was done, have received more positive comments spontaneously, from my friends than I have in a lifetime! (Makes me wonder how “polite” my friends were being to me, over the years! 🙂 ) .

I would also, like to say, that I am not one, at all, to go on at length and/or to ever promote a service or product to this extent. However, this treatment made such a difference, that I thought that it was worth mentioning. It is my first time, ever, commenting/reviewing a product on any website.

So, for what it’s worth, there you have it. I hope that some may be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

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