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Framesi Color Lover

framesicolorlover[1]We have a brand new shampoo, conditioning & treatment line called Color Lover by Framesi. Color Lover is 100% vegan; it’s gluten free, and DEA-free.  The main ingredient is quinoa, a complete protein.  Color Lover also has anti-aging properties in it.  One of the main features of Color Lover is it will help your color stay up to 95% longer.  There are many colour safe products, but this is specifically made to maintain color.  If I love a golden copper color in my hair, that’s usually the first thing that gets muted over time. Color doesn’t remain as vibrant if you are not using Color Lover shampoo, conditioner or treatments.

I have clients that come in and spend money to get a beautiful color done; the next step for my clients is to go home with the proper shampoo and conditioner.  Color Lover has anti-static and anti-humidity properties, and also has UVA protection.  It has all the ingredients in it to help keep your hair & color as shiny and new as the day I do it in the salon.  When you come back 4-6 weeks later and your color looks as beautiful as the day I did, that’s such an incredible bonus for you and for me.

I challenge anyone to come in and try it. Color Lover…You will LOVE it!